If you look real hard you can see me just fine. I'm the one in the front row with my head turned away from the camera. I'm focused on my presentation so I can't be bothered with cameras. The tension is palpable as we prepare for our choral presentation of Jingle Bells. Voices have been exhaustively trained and honed to perfection. We're ready!
Well, OK, so the photographer stinks but if you squint your eyes real tight you can see me. We are now performing Three-Little-Monkeys and it's been a brutally exhausting experience. When will it end?
Finally, time to hang with the chicks and chow some Christmas cookies. You can see me surrounded by my adoring female fans. A performance like this has a way of building a guy's appetite.
Well, just one more ought to do it!
Here, look, it's green, not red! In case you are wondering what I'm eating, allow me to show you.