Flat Stanleyís Vacation Diary

February 12, 2002

By Flat Stanley 

Hello. My name is Flat Stanley. My friend Beth Arnold mailed me to Traverse City, Michigan to spend a day with her Uncle John. I did not want to forget about the details of my exciting vacation, so I wrote them down in this diary. I even talked Uncle John into taking all the pictures for me. After looking at my diary, Iím sure youíll agree that I had a fantastic vacation in Michigan!


Here I am in Uncle Johnís mailbox. The mailman delivered me early in the morning. While I was waiting for someone to check the mail, I popped opened the envelope and took a look around. Burr, itís cold out here Ö Iím starting to shiver. But wait! I hear a noise. Someoneís coming to pickup the mail. Now I can go inside, warm up, and meet my new friends.


Uncle John surrounded me with his animal friends and wrapped a scarf around my neck so I could warm up. Ah, this is so cozy!

Afterwards, I watched some TV. Lucky for me, Sesame Street was on. Itís my favorite show.


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