Flat Stanleyís Vacation Diary

February 12, 2002

By Flat Stanley





It snows a lot in this part of Michigan, and I wanted to play in it. And what better way to have fun in the snow than to ski down a steep hill. Look out below Ö here I come!


Oh-oh, I lost my balance and fell down. Now Iím stuck and canít get up. Where is Uncle John when I need him?

I was cold and tired from playing outdoors, so John had me take a nap. Iím joined by the Hush Puppy, another of Johnís doggie friends.

After warming up, I crawled out from under the covers and slept next to Uncle Johnís cat. His name is Mickey.


After my nap, it was time to go for a ride. Traverse City is located in a beautiful area of Michigan, so I wanted to see it for myself. Here I am behind the wheel of Johnís truck. It was snowing out, so we used four-wheel drive to get around town. Oh boy!


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