Flat Stanleyís Vacation Diary

February 12, 2002

By Flat Stanley




Itís been a very busy day. I would love for it to continue, but John insists I rest before returning to Minneapolis. I have seen so many new and exciting places here in Traverse City Michigan. Maybe Iíll dream about them if I fall asleep now.





Itís the end of my vacation and time to go home. Iím feeling sad because I have to leave all my new friends. But Iím also happy because in just a few days, Iíll be home again with Beth. Sheís my best friend and I miss her very much.


John is about to drop me into the postal box, where Iíll seal myself up inside the envelope. And in case youíre wondering, the white card in my left hand reads ďMinneapolis or Bust!Ē My traveling experiences have taught me that itís important to have a sense of humor. Donít you agree?


The End




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