Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley is about a boy named Stanley who gets flattened by his bulletin board when it falls on him during the night. Stanley has to learn to live as a flat boy. In some ways, it is a great way to live. He can go down the sewer to get his mom's ring, slide under closed doors, fly in the air like a kite, and even travel around the country in an envelope. Flat Stanley becomes a hero when he captures robbers in an Art Museum by pretending to be a picture in an empty frame.

After Stanley becomes a hero he realizes he does not like being different from everyone, so his brother, Arthur, helps him figure out how to be a normal boy again.

Beth Arnold's second grade class is sending Flat Stanleys on some adventures and required help. Beth thought that the recipient of her Flat Stanley should be her beloved Uncle John, living in Traverse City, Michigan. Flat Stanley arrived, unexpectedly, in Uncle John's mailbox where his adventures begin. What follows is Flat Stanley's diary complete with all the day's adventures. What you will be reading and seeing are provided courtesy of Uncle John Arnold with editorial comment made by Flat Stanley. After the dynamic duo were done with their fun and adventures, Flat Stanley was carefully packaged along with pictures and souvenirs and returned to Beth Arnold. The details of his journey are then shared with her second grade class for all to enjoy.