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The Hush Puppy Dog

Read how Hush Puppies' marketing manager, Jeff Lewis, reinvented the brand and changed people's preception of Hush Puppy shoes.
How did my Basset Hound become the Hush Puppies' mascot? That's the question I get asked every time someone learns that my dog, Jason (right), was selected for the now famous series of print and video ads. Most people don't believe it until I dig out my scrapbook (view it here) and show them the behind-the-scenes photographs taken during the photo sessions. After flipping through the album's pages, they're usually convinced that they met the guy who owned "The Hush Puppy Dog".

To learn the full story, check out the links below. For some background about Jason, start with "Who is this dog, anyway?" Next read the trade article There's Nothing Like a Dog. It describes why Jason was selected to be the Hush Puppies model, what it's like to work with a dog in front of the camera, and the ad industries' reaction to a non-traditional "spokes-dog."

Next, take a look at behind-the-scenes photos taken during the photo sessions. These usually convince the doubting Thomases. With each series I show the storyboard, the sketched representation of the art director's vision. Next are several of the best photos showing either a humorous moment or some technical "magic" used during the photo session. Lastly there are the awards, the professional recognition that is, for me at least, the icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Who's this dog anyway? | "There's Nothing Like a Dog"

Print Sessions
Little Feet | Springy | Cushioned | Glasnost

Video Sessions
| Classic | Cushioned

Art Directors Club
| Cannes Gold Lion

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