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How we found Louie

Louie was born January 28, 2005.

We had researched various breeds in order to find the perfect dog. We had considered many but had narrowed it down to two choices, Dobermans and Labrador Retrievers. We found Labs to be incredibly loving and attentive but they drooled a bit too much. With that we set upon finding a good Doberman breeder. We found, instead, a GREAT and kind breeder, Lisa Larue, owner of LaRue Kennels in Corryton, Tennessee.

Louie came from a litter of five pups: two blues, two blacks, and one red-rust (Louie). Louie was the offspring of a black male named Sir Isaac and a black female named Annie. When Louie turned 8 weeks old he was safely placed in a kennel with some toys, water and a chewy where he took a flight from Knoxville, Tennessee to Minneapolis via Northwest Airlines Cargo shipping.

After we placed him in the back of our SUV we noticed that he had a little accident. I do admit, Louie was a little whiny on the way home, but that's OK, I probably would have been too. When we arrived home with Louie we got him out of his crate and introduced him to his new home where he has been happy and playful ever since.

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Learn About Louie
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