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Taking care of Louie

Taking care of a puppy is a lot like taking care of children. The number one rule with Louie is "keep him off the carpet!". Louie has had three accidents in the family room, three in the living room, and one in the kitchen. So, we make sure to bring him outside after every meal or so.

It's very important that puppies get exercise. Not too much though. Never go jogging with your puppy! All they really need is a run around the back yard. Usually, after you come in from playing, Louie is tired so he naps most of the time in my lap! Louie normally sleeps for about an hour.

Playing with Louie is fun and hard. Why hard? Well, all dogs like to bite, especially puppies. Louie can start nipping at you fingers or feet. That's when you need to find a toy! Louie likes toys he can chew. Not tennis balls, though. If you do toss a tennis ball all he will do is carry it back to his bed.

Louie is fed 1/2 cup of food per meal. He has one meal in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. We let his food soak in water to soften it a bit. Do you know, when a dog eats dry food the dog can get dehydrated? That's why we put water with his food. We use Purina One. Most people do. When it comes to bed time for Louie, it is tough! The beginning of the night he whines but then he settles down and has a good rest.

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Learn About Louie
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